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Pure Oud A French Connection For The Present Age

Sought after considering that the dawn of time; revered in Middle Eastern and Asian cultures; Oud has quickly end up being the component of option worldwide’s special scents.

Magical, enigmatic, and essential, Oud is removed from the extremely valued and quick vanishing Agarwood tree that is belonging to Southeast Asia and its environments. It has an amazing history and intricacy, and is now to be discovered in the stores and high-end branded shops whose names are redolent of Parisian Haute Couture and French finery.

Disciples of Oud are legion– specifically amongst the coterie of the world’s Master Perfumers who value its remarkable qualities and the depth it provides to a scent. To that group of cognoscenti, we can now include, rather suddenly, the Private Banker, Wealth Manager and Family Office.

The brand-new brand of fans is not always drawn to Oud for its virtually legendary health-giving, health and wellbeing or perhaps aphrodisiacal qualities in some cases depicted in tv projects or in shiny periodicals together with the current fragrance du jour. Nor possibly for its superb scent and richness of olfactory structure. Exactly what’s promoting interest are tough money, and the nourishing of ecological and sustainable consciences.

Considering that 2000, the trees from which Oud is gotten has actually been put on the CITES threatened types list, and their harvesting in the wild has actually been made unlawful. Need is pressing, and growing, and has actually added to the trees in the wild being gathered to near termination due to their value in Chinese and Middle Eastern cultures, in addition to a myriad of other usages in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and scent markets and beyond.

Stocks remain in brief supply, while need is enhancing, and that just 7 in every 100 trees produce Oud, which even those 7 can just produce a small quantity of the enchanting oil, has actually resulted in an unmatched denudation. It has actually likewise produced a distinct financial investment and sustainable company chance.

The option would seem a simple one to reach; plant more trees, await a couple of years, and get rich.

In truth, growing the trees and growing them is reasonably simple. The secret lies in having the exclusive innovation, experience, production and knowledge systems through to final product distribution to turn a basic tree from a near useless softwood, into an oil that is valued at approximately US$ 50,000 per kilogramme.

In this circumstances, it is a carefully concealed (of substantial value) and Asia Plantation Capital (APC) is among the few business who, over the last 10 years, have actually attained the relatively unlikely. Lots of business declare to have actually made the most recent and biggest clinical advancements, however just APC and a handful of smaller sized business and growers – numerous of whom work specifically with the APC Group– have actually regularly produced outcomes that confirm their claims.

Backed up by all the appropriate accreditation and approvals, along with the necessary distribution network, Asia Plantation Capital has an exclusive ‘Soil to Oil to You’ company design that incorporates vertical combination in the whole supply chain, from seed proliferation, all the method through to informed customers purchasing retail items.

The Asia Plantation Capital Group has actually just recently been engaging with European and Middle Eastern based financial investment supervisors, funds, household workplaces and personal lenders to inform its distinct story.

Eyebrows were raised, interests stimulated, and interest signed up, with numerous groups seizing the day to visit the business’ plantations, factories and retail outlets in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, to see on their own exactly what all the buzz had to do with.

It was a buzz produced by the business and its jobs being bestowed with the “Best Forestry Asset Management Award 2014” by CFI Magazine, and being shortlisted as a finalist in the “World Sustainable Business Awards”, kept in Paris by Organic Monitor. And maybe it had something to do with more awards being amassed by fragrances produced by Fragrance Du Bois– among APC’s associated business, to which it provides the extraordinary, 100 % ensured natural, natural Oud oil.

“Having seen our possessions under management grow to US$ 600 million at the end of 2013,” stated Gary Crates – CEO Europe, “from financiers in the understand and our own investors in the Group’s plantation jobs in their nations, we discovered enhancing interest from institutional financiers, pension funds and household workplaces from additional afield.”.

The huge distinction is that 95 % of our regular visitors are Asian, who comprehend first-hand the chances in the plantation sector. Seeing European Asset Managers and some from the Middle East was a brand-new experience for us, and plainly an outcome of the tough work our groups throughout Asia have actually contributed to the business’s and plantations’ hidden success and development.”.

“Mister Vincent de Meaux, from Athos Patrimoine stated, “I need to state I have actually been taking a look at different chances in the plantation sector, and performing due diligence on behalf of customers for a variety of years on jobs and business. Prior to my visit, I was open minded, however possibly a little doubtful. The big scale of operations and professional management and systems Asia Plantation Capital have actually established and put in location, total up to among the most remarkable general plantation company designs I have actually seen.”.

He went on, “Add to that their back-end processing and distribution through their own business’s retail outlets in Asia, the Middle East and Europe, produces an authentic, vertically incorporated and distinct sustainable company chance. It likewise appears like among the very best strategic hedge techniques I have actually seen in the last few years. It’s not a surprise this business has actually currently attained a lot,” he concluded, “and the included reward for today’s world is that it is 100 % sustainable; the business even has ISO status for its carbon footprint.”.

Fragrance Industry Expert Simon French stated, “Having invested more years than I care to point out at director level in a few of the world’s biggest scent and flavourings business, I can truthfully state that no component has actually caught the marketplace or certainly had such need as pure Oud. While lots of necessary oils have actually been effectively produced in artificial type, and numerous business have actually developed artificial Oud-style active ingredients, the animalic nature of natural and pure Oud in fragrance is amazing and distinct. Any perfumer or Nose will certainly validate; pure Oud is unmatchable and special in its capability to sustain, enhance and extend the great scent experience.”.

The Group has actually opened, and is opening more luxury flagship shops in a few of the world’s most renowned places, to display its expert fragrance brand, Fragrance Du Bois. Strategies are afoot to partner numerous of the world’s leading scent homes to develop a worldwide chain of specific niche retail outlets providing the most unique choice of great scents and bespoke developments for a critical clients. This will certainly consist of an option from the utmost collection of 100 % natural Oud scents developed by an elite group of global perfumers.

With the scent market being just one of the several office applications for Oud and the Agarwood tree, business case is strong, sustainable, and nigh on tempting.

Pure Oud. Pure high-end. Born in nature and crafted in France, a genuinely French Connection for the existing age.